Hair Care Questions & Answers

My hair is lacking shine and tangles easily. What can I do?

Healthy Hair is made up of about 88% protein and 12% water. If there is a not a proper balance between moisture and protein, the hair will not be healthy and will become difficult to manage. If your hair lacks shine, is frizzy or tangles way too easily you may have a moisture problem. Moisture is absolutely vital to your hair's health. Many hair care products such as cheaper shampoos and conditioners contain ingredients that coat the hair and can lock moisture away from the individual strands, so take care to select quality products that will truly help the hair rather than just make it look healthy. It is important to use a conditioner with the right amount of protein and moisture for your specific hair type. Your professional stylist can help you choose a product best suited for your hair type.

Is there any way to protect my hair from the damaging effects of chlorine?

There is no way to protect your hair fully from chlorine water, other than putting on a swim cap. One simple way to keep your hair from sucking up as much of the chlorine water is to wet your hair in the shower prior to swimming and apply a leave in conditioner. Your hair is like a sponge, if it’s already wet the hair can’t absorb as much of the chlorinated pool water.

Does my hair have a hard water, chlorine or product build up?

Does your hair feel coated or slimy when it’s wet?

Does it tangle easily, especially when wet?

Are you noticing your hair color looking brassy, orange or having a green tint in certain lighting?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, you most likely have a buildup problem in your hair. The best way to remove this type of buildup is by using a professional clarifying shampoo. Depending on the amount of buildup in your hair you may need to use the clarifying shampoo on a weekly sometimes daily basis. For extreme build ups we offer mineral removing treatments in the salon known as Malibu treatments. Let you professional stylist help you decided which option your hair may need.